Mexico City’s New Design Scene

Mexico City’s New Design Scene

Mexico City’s New Design Scene is continuing to grow daily. New architects and artists pop up looking to spread their art and make a name for themselves. For a location like Mexico City, there is tons of culture and history that have inspired architectural design and art today. Mexico City’s New Design Scene is bringing artists from around the world to create their projects.

One ancient practice that is still being used today in art is Tezontle, Tezontle is a volcanic rock that is used in most construction in Mexico. The rock has been used for generations and it has a reddish rust color to it because it is rusted for oxidation.

Lucas Cantú and Carlos H. Matos are some artists in Mexico creating sculptures out of the Tezontle rock. On their, Instagram is a gallery of the sculptures they have created. The two architects use inspiration from Aztec designs and materials along with other ancient traditions.

Another artist named Brian Thoreen originally from California decided to move to Mexico City three years ago. Brian’s art was begging to gain attention in Los Angels and he felt that he should move to Mexico City his reason was: “Part of moving here was the chance to do more working and building with my hands”. Brian wanted to be in Mexico City’s Design Scene after leaving California.

Brian Thoreen experiments with a selection of materials like rubber, tar paper, silicone, and Marble. The Mexico City design inspired some of his work. Most of Brian’s Pieces are furniture like marble tables and chairs, one piece is called Black Rubber Tables constructed out of black neoprene rubber.

To view more of Brian’s art check out his website.

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