Van Gogh Pikachu Card To Be Reissued

The Van Gogh Pikachu card frenzy is almost over

The initial release of the Van Gogh Pikachu card was so chaotic, The Pokémon Company had to take a step back and alter its distribution process as thousands of people seeked to get their hands on the highly demanded trading card. Instead of only having a limited availability at the Van Gogh Museum, the company will aim to distribute more across large chain stores nationwide across the Netherlands.

It’s been estimated that each store will receive at least 100 units of the Van Gogh Pikachu card reissue. This means that at least 100,000 more Pikachu Van Gogh cards will be released. It’s said that The Pokémon Company is doing this to flood the market and prevent scalpers from obtaining all the cards and selling them for sky-high prices.

It’s also important to note that this is a change from the initial plan which called for giving the cards to regional Dutch hobby shops. The 100 cards each of those smaller stores was supposed to receive was reduced to ten, and then The Pokémon Company made the decision to print thousands of copies of the card and give it to chain stores instead.

Van Gogh Pikachu Card reissue
Van Gogh Museum

The card’s limited availability in the Netherlands is still a little problem, which can force fans who can’t visit the nation later this week to pay more for the cards online. The promo starts on February 10, 2024. If you are fortunate enough to live in the Netherlands, a free Van Gogh Pikachu card will be given to customers who make in-store purchases of at least 29.99 euros, or $32 USD.

The unexpected Pokémon x Van Gogh collaboration started last year with the goal of encouraging young people to become more knowledgeable about Van Gogh’s legacy. The exhibit recently ended early February and included interactive and instructional programs, along with insight into Van Gogh’s affection for Japanese printing techniques.

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