These Tesla Sipping Glasses Are Beyond Bougie

Enjoy the automaker’s in-house tequila with the Tesla Sipping Glasses

Tesla is recognized for creating some of the most cutting-edge and environmentally friendly cars in the industry, and now they’ve introduced the Tesla Sipping Glasses which might be the one of the most unnecessary things to ever own. But hey, at least it looks unique, and it’s intended to hold the company’s in-house tequila.

Tesla has long catered to its large fan following by creating goods that can improve their standard of living. The company previously produced clothing, backpacks, and mugs. Now, they’ve added a pair of drinking glasses to their lineup.

The design of the Tesla Sipping Glasses is inspired by Tesla’s lightning bolt shaped glass housing, making the two pieces a nice visual pairing. The glasses themselves are shaped to the ends of the bolt, resembling a triangle. Since the glasses aren’t able to stand leveled due to their rounded bases, the set comes with engraved metal stands with metallic silver frames to keep them sitting right up.

Tesla Sipping Glasses

Additional branding is applied to the upper exteriors of the Tesla Sipping Glasses, with Tesla’s logo stamped in front in white. The pair are offered for $75 on the Tesla website, and orders will be sent out after two weeks. The price is surprisingly reasonable when it comes to branded sipping glasses. If you’re able to afford both products, more kudos to you.

For measure, the glasses weigh 1.5 ounces apiece and are 3.5 inches in height. Via the Tesla shop website, the product description reads:

Savor your favorite liquor with a limited edition set of Tesla Sipping Glasses. Inspired by Tesla Tequila’s unique silhouette, each glass is designed with angular contours and an engraved Tesla logo. Display your glassware proudly in a matching metal stand.


Tesla Sipping Glasses

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