Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Is Now Available

Do you dare to partake in the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode?

It’s been a long time coming — virtual reality horror fans will now get to experience the new Resident Evil 4 VR Mode that’s exclusive to the PlayStation 5!

As the press release states: “Resident Evil 4 VR Mode supports the full main story campaign and delivers an added level of immersion to Leon S. Kennedy’s harrowing rescue mission. The experience lets players see the terrifying world directly through Leon’s eyes and soak in his surroundings with the 4K HDR display of PlayStation VR2.”

Those who have experienced Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village in VR won’t be too unfamiliar with RE4 VR Mode, although the game does play differently than the two former classics. The RE4 VR Mode will even feature a shooting range to allow both new and experienced players adequate time to get accustomed to the game’s weapons and controls.

Resident Evil 4 VR
PlayStation | YouTube

That said, several critics have pointed out that there are some issues with the game. In particular, it becomes clear that it wasn’t particularly meant for virtual reality when the main character Leon Kennedy switches back to his typical third-person profile while engaging with levers or performing melee attacks. These “out of body” experiences may detract from the VR version’s primary selling point, which is “immersion,” on a platform that prioritizes it over all other considerations.

Still, Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is a welcomed addition to the Capcom action-horror franchise, and is surely to become a hit with PSVR2, just like how RE7 was on PSVR. If you haven’t already, take a look at the trailer below!

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