Bandai Namco Must Be Joking With The New Tales Of Symphonia Remaster

The new Tales of Symphonia Remaster runs at only 30 fps

Fans have been awaiting for the new Tales of Symphonia Remaster ever since the launch of the critically acclaimed Nintendo GameCube classic from 2003. Even though the game has re-released on several platforms since its debut, it’s never been given the treatment that other remasters have received in the generation of modern gaming.

The major character visuals for the new Tales of Symphonia Remaster have been updated by Bandai Namco in terms of design. This includes the global map’s organic expression as well as the 2D visuals for the introductory film and sketches.

We are told to expect that some objects will receive graphic improvements, and the overall game will have an event skip feature that will affect how it functions. Additionally, the frame rate when utilizing specific artes has been stabilized. Players can also expect improvements while on sail.

So what’s the issue here? Well let’s start with some good news first. Along with the current (new) generation of platforms, the new Tales of Symphonia Remaster will be released for last gen PS4, Xbox One, and Switch platforms. The bad news? The game will be locked at 30 frames per second for all platforms.

Let it be known that the original GameCube version ran at 60 fps. Having a game to degrade two decades later in a remaster is just ridiculous. Even if last gen hardware is incapable of handling the remaster, PC and the new gen should have zero problems. It’s pretty embarrassing what Bandai Namco has done with the new Tales of Symphonia Remaster.

You can be the judge yourself on the list of features below:

Improved Graphics

  • Graphics for main characters have been improved.
  • 2D graphics improvement for opening movie, skits, etc.
  • Improved natural expression of world map and objects graphics

Feature Updates and Improvements

  • Enabled skip events (select movies and skits can be skipped)
  • Frame rate stabilization
  • Improved sea travel operability

On the bright side, there’s always room for improvement although charging $40 for a “demaster” isn’t the best look, especially for the long awaited return of the classic JRPG. Hopefully fans will receive some quality of life updates in the near future.

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