Check Out These Beautiful Modernica X Girl Skateboards Wooden Sculptures

Cop the full set of Modernica x Girl Skateboards recent collab for $1,500

The recent project by Modernica x Girl Skateboards is a one of a kind collaboration between furniture brand Modernica and skateboarding company Girl Skateboards that introduces a new set of sculptures by artists Marcel Dzama, Sage Vaughn, Lori Damiano, and Sean Cliver. The sculptures showcase the latter company’s iconic bathroom emblem carved out of wood and inlaid with the signatures of each artist.

In many ways, the beauty of a skateboard’s design and construction may be compared to Modernica’s art because of how expertly it is made and created. Creating exciting accessories that go well beyond skateboarders’ needs while also appropriately satisfying their wants has long been a specialty of Crailtap products. The Modernica X Girl Skateboards wooden sculptures collab here doesn’t miss a beat.

Sean Cliver, a well-known skateboard artist, chose to reproduce a series of skulled characters each with their own hairstyle and fit. Cliver has patterned out the silhouette with these skeleton pop art influences. Illustrator Lori Damiano has filled the entire medium with a girl in a tidy dress with cosmic, floral patterns giving the sculpture an atmospheric vibe.

Modernica X Girl Skateboards
crailtap | YouTube

Sage Vaughn’s collage-like version features floral themes throughout in a mixture of both pastel and vibrant color palettes. From afar the flower petals almost resemble stained glass, giving the sculpture a nice touch. Marcel Dzama’s wooden doll has a moodier feel thanks to the demonic goat and bat that’s positioned at the sculpture’s center.

Each of the Modernica x Girl Skateboards wooden sculptures are made of 15 layers of maple wood and measure 22 x 11 inches. The artwork can be bought by collectors for $400 apiece or as a whole set for $1,500 on the Crailtap website.

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