FIFA 23 Juventus Reveal Confirms EA License

Watch the official gameplay trailer for the FIFA 23 Juventus reveal

After a three year license with the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) video game, Italian football club Juventus will be going back to Electronic Arts (EA) as shown in the FIFA 23 Juventus reveal trailer. EA announced the big news in a press release this week.

Juventus and video game publisher Konami previously held the multi-year exclusive partnership for the PES series. The new agreement allows Juventus to appear in the upcoming FIFA 23 soccer game, which includes their players, black and white stripe uniforms, and stadium. The two will “work across a number of lifestyle and cultural initiatives bringing new opportunities outside of football.”

“Today, EA SPORTS and Juventus Football Club announced a new, multi-year partnership, which will see Juventus return to EA SPORTS’ renowned football video game series beginning in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23, launching September 30,” stated the press release. “This partnership will see EA SPORTS become Juventus’ exclusive Sport Video Gaming Partner, with a fully authentic in-game integration that will feature Juventus’ stadium, Allianz Stadium, along with the club’s logo and kits,”

Official FIFA 23 Juventus Reveal Trailer

The FIFA 23 Juventus reveal trailer above is surely great news for the Juve fans worldwide. In order to provide the fans a more immersive experience, the developers will now no longer be held back using “Piemonte Calcio” as Juve’s placeholder. Over 700 licensed teams from around the world were present in FIFA 22, but a few notable players were conspicuously and obviously absent from the game.

This year, EA made the decision to continue operating as EA Sports FC rather than renew its license with FIFA. Despite the name change, EA has managed to gain additional teams from Europe’s premier leagues that have declared their loyalty to EA. Other clubs from Europe’s top leagues have also sworn their digital allegiance to the company. Unfortunately, Roma, Lazio, and Atalanta will remain unlicensed in FIFA 23.

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