Skate 4 News And Updates

Here’s all the Skate 4 news and updates we know

It’s been approximately 12 years since the release of EA’s Skate 3, and we’re here to provide all the Skate 4 news and updates that have surfaced online this past week. During a 20-minute livestream, video game publisher EA released a bunch of news for the sequel to their long-awaited skateboarding video game series.

Let’s get onto the Skate 4 news and updates. We all expected the fourth installment to the Skate series to be named Skate 4, but EA threw us a curveball here. “Sk4te” would’ve been a clever title as well, but we understand why they might not want to go that route. Afterall, it’s been quite some time since the 2010 release of Skate 3, and EA aims to reestablish the legendary video game series for the new generation. It’s now officially confirmed that Skate 4 will simply be titled as Skate.

EA game studio Full Circle claims that Skate will be developed for the upcoming years rather than just becoming another sequel or a remake. As a result, we shouldn’t expect to see forthcoming sequels to this game as Skate will continue to be updated throughout this generation.

Skate will take place in San Vansterdam, a fictional metropolis set in California. The devs have confirmed the game will be free-to-play and game progression won’t be “locked behind a paywall” or have “paid gameplay advantages”. They also emphasized that Apex Legends is a great example of a free-to-play game structure and that Skate is made for all players.

Full Circle confirms there will be cross-platform and cross-progression play, meaning that players from PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can all group up and play together. A mobile version of the game is also currently being developed, so keep tabs on an iOS and Android release in the near future. An official release date has not been confirmed.

For more Skate 4 news and updates—or Skate, we should say—stay tuned with us here on HypeSpanic.

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