The Bottoms Red Band Trailer Is Simply Hilarious

Rachel Sennott, Auo Edebiri, and Marshawn Lynch star in the Bottoms Red Band trailer

The Bottoms red band trailer is officially here as the teen comedy film stars Rachel Sennott as PJ and Ayo Edebiri as Josie, who are two queer high school students trying to get on base with the school cheerleaders. In an attempt to steal the cheerleaders away from their jock boyfriends, PJ and Josie form a fight club led by supervisor Mr. G, played by the one and only Marshawn Lynch.

Known for his off the field antics in the NFL, having “Beast Mode” on the bill is going to be nothing short of entertaining. The movie will also star Havana Rose Liu and supermodel Kaia Gerber. Creative duo Rachel Sennott and Emma Seligman have teamed up once more for the new series, with Seligman as director who also co-wrote the show with Sennott.

The brand new Bottoms red band trailer was released on Tuesday, and it features a lusty, gory campfest. Sennot and Edebiri’s characters launch a real fight club for girls to reclaim their power in a hyper-misogynistic setting after getting into a comically mild physical altercation with the school’s star football player.

Bottoms Red Band
MGM | YouTube

In a turn of events, the football player also happens to be the cheating boyfriend of the cheerleader Isabel. As the situation worsens, the girls engage in combat with the football players, who are enraged that they’re not only resisting them but also attempting to get together with their girlfriends.

The film first premiered as the 2023 SXSW headliner on March 11 and was favored by many critics. Set to release in theaters on August 25, this might be the comedy flick to look forward to this summer.

Watch the full Bottoms red band trailer below!

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