Chicana Native American Artist Lucina Hinojos Partners With NFL For Super Bowl LVII Key Art

Lucina Hinojos partners with NFL as “marquee artist”

For the upcoming Super Bowl LVII at Glendale, Arizona, Chicana Native American Artist Lucina Hinojos partners with NFL and will work with Indige Design Collab of Cahokia Socialtech and Artspace. Also known as “La Morena”, Hinojos will be creating the Super Bowl LVII key art and the official artwork on the Super Bowl tickets, as well as a mural for the State Farm Stadium, the location of this year’s big event.

La Morena is well known for her colorful and abstract artwork, and was selected as the first Chicana Native American artist to create the Super Bowl LVII key art for her ability to capture the energy and excitement of the game in her designs. It’s truly a historic moment that Lucina Hinojos partners with NFL.

In honor of the 22 local tribes, the artwork by Chicana Native American Artist La Morena depicts the White Tank Mountains reflected off the Vince Lombardi Trophy with a Fancy Shawl and Azteca dancers.

“I do this work in hopes of providing healing and medicine to people, but what also happens is there’s a human connection that happens,” said Hinojos. “It naturally draws people in, and it brings people together. That’s with every mural, with every painting, I’ve seen that happen. So I’m hoping that the same energy is brought with this painting.”

The NFL has a long tradition of commissioning artists to create the artwork for Super Bowl tickets, and the selection process is highly competitive. The league looks for artists who can capture the spirit of the Super Bowl and create a design that will be memorable for fans and collectors alike.

As Lucina Hinojos partners with NFL, her selection as the official artist for Super Bowl LVII is a testament to her talent and the unique perspective that she brings to her work. With the big game approaching, fans and collectors will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of their ticket. For many, the ticket itself will become a cherished memento of what promises to be a historic event.

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