Baldurs Gate 3 Launches Early On PC

Master Race can enjoy the Baldurs Gate 3 launch today

Larian Studios has scheduled the Baldurs Gate 3 launch a full month earlier than the PlayStation 5, and D&D heads worldwide have rejoiced. With extensive character customization, important decision-making, and tactical turn-based combat, this Baldur’s Gate sequel appears to be the follow-up Dungeons & Dragons game that fans have been dreaming of.

PS5 owners will have to wait until September 6 for their Baldurs Gate 3 launch, and even more sad is how Xbox owners don’t even have a confirmed release date for theirs. It’s quite a bummer, but Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke confirmed the PC’s early release date was the right move since it doesn’t compete with other big game launches next month. Yes, Starfield.

“We wanted to same-ship, and then when we realized that it wasn’t going to happen we started looking at what was possible to release it,” Vincke told Kotaku. “Then we saw that it was a very busy year, with Zelda, with Diablo, and Starfield, with Cyberpunk, and then there’s Final Fantasy. So we started looking ‘okay, well, what’s the good spot when people will be able to play and they’re not going to be fighting for attention?’ We have this game essentially ready to use on PC. So August 3 looked like a good one. So that’s why we picked that one.”

Baldurs Gate 3 Launch
Larian Studios

There’s also a technical reason for the delayed Baldurs Gate 3 launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Larian’s goal was for BG3 to hit a stable 60 frames per second on console, and they require a bit more time to achieve that.

“On Xbox, it’s a different platform. It has, as you know, there’s two platforms really,” Vincke added. “And so we have to see where we ended up. And the team is committed to working on it, it has for a long time already. So they’re going bit by bit, you know, like, you tear down one performance barrier and go to the next one.”

Regardless of its launch dates, everyone will be able to enjoy BG3 soon enough.

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