Attack On Titan Final Season Trailer Marks The End Of A Masterpiece

The Attack on Titan final season will end the decade-long journey

The official trailer for the fourth part of the Attack on Titan final season has finally surfaced. Attack on Titan‘s much awaited conclusion is animated by Studio MAPPA under Yuichiro Hayashi’s direction. The AoT final season trailer, which features English subtitles and is narrated by Armin, premiered at the MAPPA and Crunchyroll panel at Anime Expo 2023.

The transcript of the AoT final season trailer reveals a teaser to the plot that reads, “I was racing Eren and Mikasa…racing to the tree on the hill. I felt so good just running. In that moment, this thought just entered my head that maybe I had been born to race Mikasa and Eren on this hill. I’ll see you again, Eren.”

Based on the acclaimed manga Attack on Titan by Haime Isayama, the anime recounts the tale of how humanity was compelled to flee behind the huge, man-eating Titans that lived outside the fortified city. Only the brave soldiers of the Scout Regiment dared to venture past the walls. This is the first key visual that doesn’t include a titan, according to director Hayashi.

AoT final season trailer
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The world’s future is in jeopardy in the Attack On Titan final season when the main protagonist Eren unleashes the Titans’ greatest strength. He commands a force of Colossal Titans to march toward Marley with the burning desire to destroy everyone who poses a threat to Eldia. The only question is whether a team of his former allies and adversaries will be able to stop him from completing his objective.

It’s been over ten years since the debut of the series back in 2013, so the conclusion of the legendary anime will most likely be one of the biggest events in anime history. Watch the full trailer of the Attack on Titan final season below!

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