Quake II Remaster Revealed At QuakeCon 2023

The classic id Software FPS is back in the new Quake II remaster

Quake II will officially be the title of the new Quake II remaster as id Software shadow drops their refreshed boomer shooter following their announcement at the start of this year’s QuakeCon. Quake II 2023 is available now for all platforms including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The Quake II remaster appears to have remained very close to the 1997 original based on the screenshots and video published today. However, the remake is jam-packed with modern upgrades and quality of life improvements, such as split-screen local and online co-op and multiplayer, cloud saves, and 4K resolution. There’s also a useful tutorial to help players get the most out of the game, a FAQ, and a range of accessibility settings.

“Enjoy Quake II’s legendary gameplay, preserved and complete with the original soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem, now enhanced with widescreen support, restored content previously left on the cutting room floor, visual and performance upgrades to make every muzzle flash and gib-plosion pop on-screen and even new levels,” wrote Bethesda in their press release.

Quake II 2023
Bethesda Softworks | YouTube

Including both original mission packs, “The Reckoning” and “Ground Zero,” which add a total of 33 story levels and 21 deathmatch maps, this Quake II 2023 release is a substantial one. Owners also receive a free copy of Quake 64 and a brand-new Quake II expansion developed by MachineGames, “Call of the Machine”, adding another 28 campaign levels, a deathmatch level, and a new story.

Great news for existing owners of the original game, as the new Quake II remaster is available as a free upgrade. For others, the new game will cost $9.99 across all platforms, and will be a part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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