Modern Warfare III Makarov Trailer Unveiled

The ruthless Russian returns in the Modern Warfare III Makarov trailer

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Makarov trailer has revealed Vladimir Makarov, the series’ nemesis, along with brief glimpses of the game’s action. That’s bad news for Task Force 141, as the third and final antagonist from the original Modern Warfare trilogy is back.

Narrated by Captain Price, the Modern Warfare III Makarov trailer combines live-action footage of the villain getting a new tattoo with brief glimpses of in-game combat. Also featured is a swimming area placed beneath ice, with an explosion sending a car below. This might allude to a new underwater gameplay mechanic.

In a later level of the new MW3, troops can be seen getting ready to sneak inside what appears to be a stone fortress. Then a brief video of terrified bystanders attempting to flee a structure, which is possibly Verdansk Stadium. Is Verdansk, the location of the Warzone map and the 2019 Modern Warfare game, scheduled to make a comeback?

Modern Warfare III Makarov Trailer
Call of Duty | YouTube

A key concern is still how much of a complete Call of Duty game the November 2023 release will be. As the franchise sags under the weight of all the expenses and studios required to keep turning out sequels, Bloomberg previously reported that Activision was considering skipping this year’s new yearly release. Instead, it was reported that expanded DLC created with help from Sledgehammer Games will fill the gap.

Although Microsoft’s deal to acquire Activision Blizzard is finalizing, the new MW3 is still scheduled to release on the PlayStation 5. The tech giant had confirmed a 10-year agreement to continue support for Activision games on the Sony platform after becoming a part of Xbox Game Studios.

Watch the Modern Warfare III Makarov trailer below.

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