Mediatonic Makes Fall Guys Free To Play

The Fall Guys free to play approach is a breath of fresh air

British video game developer Mediatonic have made Fall Guys free to play as of June 21. The free battle royale platformer is now free across PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles, and even the Epic Games Store which is supported on both PC and Mac.

Having Fall Guys free to play is a big step for the game to bring in a whole new audience. For a while, bots flooded a majority of the matches, and the gameplay experience was sub par due to slow rounds and questionable squadmates. Now with the game launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles for the first time, the cross-platform experience should be better than ever.

Making Fall Guys free to play wasn’t the only update Mediatonic had for this summer season. The developer introduced Fall Guys Season 1 and brought new rounds, costumes, and a brand new Season Pass to the table. The new Hex-A-Ring survival round is a welcoming addition to the Blunderdome, as it brings the familiarity of Hex-A-Gone but with a revolving twist. Hex-A-Ring looks to be very dynamic and much more challenging than we may think. Volleyfall, Gate Crash, and Blast Balls are other rounds in addition to Hex-A-Ring.

Fall Guys free to play

With 100 levels of unlockable costumes, celebrations, and emotes, the Fall Guys Season 1 Season Pass is available for purchase. There’s also a free progression path available for those who aren’t committed to acquiring the cosmetics of the Season Pass.

For more information on Fall Guys Season 1, check out the full release notes on the Medianotic website. Check out the official Fall Guys Discord and Twitter for news updates, limited time events, and collaborations.

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