Joan Cornellà And AllRightsReserved Introduce Humans Are A Virus Vinyl Figure

Humans Are A Virus vinyl celebrates the 10th piece from the Joan Cornellà x AllRightsReserved collaboration

The Humans Are A Virus vinyl figure is the latest piece from the Joan Cornellà x AllRightsReserved collaboration. The figure stands 10.2 inches tall and is a futuristic interpretation of one of Cornellá’s artworks from 2020.

The Humans Are A Virus Vinyl figure is now dressed in an orange suit with a grey turtleneck and is standing straight with his arms slightly open, flashing the same dark, frightening grin as all of its predecessors. Above his head, the phrase is displayed in an arch.

Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Cornellà and the Hong Kong based creative firm AllRightsReserved initially collaborated in 2019 to release a 12 and a half inch tall bronze sculpture of the SELFIE GUN. Soon after, a somewhat scaled down vinyl edition with the same suit-clad man clutching a selfie stick attached to a pistol was also made available.

Humans Are A Virus

Following that release, a blue-colored version of the SELFIE GUN returned. Since then, the two parties have continued to release more vinyl figures spanning pieces like K-Love, Bootyboop, Fwen, POOPY PANTS, Free Hugs, Double Hand-Stand, and SEND YOURSELF NOWHERE.

We’re big fans of Cornellà here at HypeSpanic. The Barcelona, Spain native has been infamous for his eerie, unsettling humor along with his vibrant art style. This latest piece serves no different, and gives us a nice chuckle just like his other works.

Starting on March 9 at 10 p.m. EST, the Humans Are A Virus vinyl figure by Joan Cornellà and AllRightsReserved will be exclusively available on the DDT Store.

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