EA And Omega Force’s Wild Hearts Action RPG Launches Tomorrow

Jump into the Wild Hearts action RPG on February 16

The Wild Hearts action RPG game from Koei Tecmo, EA and Omega Force will soon be released, and fans now have information on the precise release times for their regions. Available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the official release date is scheduled for February 16, while Wild Hearts launches on February 17 for those in Japan and Australia.

As we know from last week’s reveal of the Wild Hearts action RPG CG trailer, players control hunters who construct prehistoric Karakuri buildings and rely on cooperation to battle fearsome animals known as Kemono around the Azuma region, modeled after feudal Japan.

Players can choose from a wide range of weaponry to start. The Nodachis, Bows, Bladed Wagasas, Canons, Clawblades, Karakuri Staffs, and Mauls are just a few examples of such weapons. Players should select a weapon based on their preferred play style as each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Of course, some weapons might be better suited for taking down particular monsters, but the player will have to figure that out.

Wild Hearts action RPG
Wild Hearts | YouTube

Omega is the studio behind the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise, so gamers should expect the experience to be more along those lines when compared to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Some of the game mechanics should feel similar, as the Wild Hearts action RPG features cross-platform three-player co-op.

So are you ready for the Wild Hearts launch? EA and Omega Force have confirmed the game’s file sizes for all platforms. Console players will have to download a 71.63 GB file while PC players require 80 GB.

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