Stay Cozy In The Waterproof Moncler Gaia Pocket Mid Boots

The Moncler Gaia Pocket Mid boots are now available

As a rework of the Mocler classic snow boot, the Italian label has introduced their new waterproof Moncler Gaia Pocket Mid boots, an upcoming footwear favorite for après-ski that’s suitable for both city streets and alpine holidays. Those seeking a durable and comfortable pair of winter boots can look no further.

The silhouette of the Moncler Gaia Pocket Mid boots marks the brand’s latest design in their Gaia product line, with a waterproof, quilted protection that’s nearly identical to the brand’s outerwear. The design features a TPU sole and a PU sole interior for protection against snow, ice, and rain.

One of the standout features is the practical pocket located on the upper portion of the boot. This pocket is perfect for storing small essentials, and is a convenient feature for those who like to keep their hands free while they are out and about. The pocket is also a stylish addition to the overall design of the boot, adding a unique and eye-catching detail that sets it apart from other winter boots on the market.

Gaia Pocket Mid Boots

Another great aspect is the overall design of the winter boot. They feature a sleek, streamlined silhouette that looks great with a variety of winter outfits. Pair it with jeans, a sweater, or even a puffy winter coat. Coming in a range of colors, the waterproof Moncler Gaia Pocket Mid boots come in red, yellow, pink, emerald green, baby blue, white and black.

At a price of $895, the Gaia Pocket Mids are now available at retailers and on Moncler’s website.

Waterproof Moncler Gaia Pocket
Waterproof Moncler Gaia

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