The Nike Dunk Price Increase Will Not Happen

Multiple sources had reported a $10 Nike Dunk price increase

Rumor debunked — it’s been confirmed that the Nike Dunk price increase will no longer occur this upcoming Q4. Initial reports revealed an extra $10 would be added to the MSRP of Dunks, but a recent confirmation by the Big Swoosh stated that the brand has no intentions of increasing its prices.

A senior Nike representative has confirmed to HYPEBEAST that the classic model’s pricing will indeed stay the same despite last week’s reports to the contrary.

Reintroduced in 2020, the Dunk has been a staple in modern sportswear and one of the more affordable styles of classic Nike silhouettes. Prior to confirmation that the Nike Dunk price increase wouldn’t happen, numerous retailers stated that all of the Dunk Lows would see a price jump from $110 to $120 while the Highs would hike up to $130 from $120. Special Editions would also see a $10 bump.

This wasn’t the first time there was a Nike Dunk price increase either. Earlier this year, Dunks were already inflated ten percent to $110. Like many other markets, the footwear industry has been affected by the pandemic and its resulting inflations. The cost of transportation and raw materials has been on the rise, and additionally, there are still problems with the supply chain.

Nike has transitioned dramatically towards a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model. At the time, it seemed that only Americans would see the higher costs of Dunks as retailers claim that the price rises would begin in the following quarter.

Sounds like us sneaker heads surely missed a bullet here. Now, let’s carry on with our Dunk collections.

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