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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Launches Tomorrow

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Launches Tomorrow
EA Star Wars | YouTube

Cal Kestis is back in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The final trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out and the game is looking more polished than ever before. The sequel to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order made by Respawn Entertainment, the same folks behind Apex Legends, will be launching on April 28.

Since our previous trip with Cal Kestis in the Star Wars universe, five years have passed in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The gang he was traveling with in Fallen Order has dispersed over that period, and Cal has been trying to advance The Resistance’s cause. Although Cal may have matured in the five years after Fallen Order‘s release in the fictional world, Respawn has learnt almost as much in the four years since the game’s release.

“That first game, on so many different fronts, was a learning experience for us because we had never made a Star Wars game, it was a new team we had built from the ground up,” said director Stig Asmussen. “It’s taking that knowledge that we had on the first game and our main pillars which were combat, navigation, storytelling, and our Metroidvania approach. We kind of dipped our foot in just enough to learn how we make that into one cohesive product.”

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
EA Star Wars | YouTube

Maintaining similar gameplay mechanics as the first entry, the Fallen Order sequel will be adding in new elements. For example, Cal now has access to five lightsaber stances, each with its own unique set of features, including one that resembles the stance of Kylo Ren. It’s definitely a step from what was already a great system.

“Seeing the reaction from fans on what we did gave us confidence,” Asmussen continued. “It was somewhat liberating. It’s like, ‘Okay, how do we expand on this?’ Some of the ideas we had before, we kind of held back on because we just wanted to make sure that we could ship this thing. With Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we put forward and made just a much larger, more grand experience.”

Available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, we only have to wait one more day until the release of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.


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