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Star Wars Dark Forces Fan Remaster Gets 4K Treatment

Star Wars Dark Forces Fan Remaster Gets 4K Treatment
The Force Engine

Ultrawide display is also supported in the Dark Forces fan remaster

The Force Engine (TFE) is a fan project that rewrites the LucasArts’ Jedi Engine from the 1990s, resulting in a Star Wars Dark Forces fan remaster that completely revitalizes the classic 1995 video game. Developed to take the place of the DosBox emulator used by the Steam version of the game, The Force Engine keeps support for the original 320×200 resolution and is capable of running up to 4K (3,840×2,160) on ultrawide displays.

The Dark Forces fan remaster offers a variety of contemporary conveniences in addition to enhanced graphics, such as full mouse controls, an aiming crosshair, and modern save features. Players can also opt out of these features if they want to experience the game in its original state.

Star Wars Dark Forces was the very first FPS game in the Star Wars universe, and was released in 1995 at the height of the popularity of 90s boomer shooters. It introduced the Stormtroopers known as Dark Troopers, who would later appear in several works of Star Wars, including The Mandalorian. It was criticized at the time for lacking multiplayer and lightsabers, but these issues were resolved in the Star Wars video game sequels that followed.

If you already own Dark Forces on either Steam and GoG, you can get The Force Engine Dark Forces fan remaster from their TFE GitHub here. All you need is Windows 7 or higher and a GPU that supports OpenGL 3.3. TFE is expecting to enable cross platform support for Linux and Mac this year, as well as support for 1997’s Outlaws, which also utilized the original Jedi Engine.


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