The Spider-Man: No Way Home Billion Dollar Box Office

Spider-Man: No Way Home reached a billion dollar box office internationally

In just twelve days, Spider-Man: No Way Home reached the billion dollar box office milestone. The Sony-Disney collaboration is the first film to break this barrier during the pandemic, and it also holds the title of the highest grossing film of 2021 along with Sony’s highest grossing film of all time.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was the third Spider-Man installment featuring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. The film had a record-breaking opening weekend in North America last weekend with $260 million in box office receipts. That was the second-largest opening ever in the United States. After Christmas, Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed $516.4 million domestically and $644.9 million internationally. So far, this has amounted to a stunning $1.16 billion worldwide.

What a gain for both Sony and Disney with the billion dollar box office. Back in 2015, the two firms reached an agreement that would allow Sony’s Spider-Man to feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The deal meant that not only would Marvel be engaged in Spider Man’s productions, which were funded by Sony, but the character might also feature in other Marvel films.

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s numbers with the billion dollar box office proves that these big event blockbusters can still go full swing, even during the pandemic. This comes after theatres have been having trouble getting viewers into seats due to the pandemic and the increase in film streaming.

Despite this year’s New Year’s Eve landing on a Friday, the third-weekend hold for Spider-Man: No Way Home is predicted to be better than the 68 percent drop it had for its second weekend during Christmas Eve. If you haven’t seen the film, my spider-sense is telling you to go see it now.

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