SPACE INVADERS World Defense: Taito X Google Space Invaders AR Game Launches This Summer

The upcoming SPACE INVADERS World Defense game utilizes Google’s Geospatial Creator

Japanese video game company Taito and tech giant Google have collaborated in a new augmented reality game titled SPACE INVADERS World Defense. In a revamp of the 1978 classic shoot ’em up arcade game Space Invaders, the franchise gets a tremendous face lift here as the game combines both AR and 3D renderings to provide customizable gameplay depending on the user’s location.

Players are entrusted with defending the Earth from Space Invaders in their area, a variation on the classic gameplay. The upcoming Taito x Google SPACE INVADERS World Defense game utilizes surrounding landmarks, time, and weather by turning cities into virtual playgrounds.

The game is powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API and Streetscape Geometry API. The experience aims to “reinvent the future of gaming” and “connect multi-generations of players.”

Taito X Google Space Invaders

Below is the official description of the upcoming Space Invaders AR game.

“For the last 45 years, SPACE INVADERS have tried to conquer the world. They are back and this time coming from another dimension. As one of Earth’s top pilots, you must use your spaceship’s advanced technology and your expert skills to travel between dimensions and defend the planet. The future of the Earth is in your hands! This unique, immersive game is powered by ARCore and Google’s Geospatial Creator to create a real-world playground in AR and 3D. Enjoy the classic gameplay in a whole new dimension: explore, find, and defeat SPACE INVADERS in your neighborhood!”

Taito X Google SPACE INVADERS World Defense is developed as a free-to-play mobile game available for both iOS and Android. Expect the game to launch this summer.

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