The Sentinel and Rampage Are Disabled in Apex Legends

To fix a weapon exploit, the Sentinel and Rampage are disabled in Apex Legends

After the recent Apex Legends patch, the Sentinel and Rampage are disabled in the later half of Season 11. Respawn has caught the weapon exploit bug on their popular bolt-action sniper rifle and heavy machine gun. So what even happened?

The battle royale fps by Respawn Entertainment had to temporarily shut down two of their in-game guns due to a weapon exploit. When using the Sentinel and Rampage, players are allowed to charge the weapon using a shield cell or a thermite grenade for higher or faster damage output. Initially there was a bug that enabled players to retain those shield cells and thermites, in result gaining the benefits of the charge without using the resources.

A patch from the developers seemed to fix all of the issues until players found a way to glitch the game once again. Players recently discovered a bug that removed the charge delay from both Sentinel and Rampage weapons. With much thanks to the Apex community, the Sentinel and Rampage are disabled. Now we’re itching to see out how it worked.

On the Rampage heavy machine gun, the bug occured after inserting the thermite grenade into the Rampage and then holstering the gun. After holstering and accessing their inventory, players swapped weapon positions and dropped the Rampage on the ground. After picking the Rampage back up, the charge became permanent even after reloading.

The exact same process applied to the Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle while using a shield cell. The weapon exploit worked for both Battle Royale and Arenas game modes and was considered game breaking because of how much advantage a player gained from the bug. In conclusion, the Sentinel and Rampage are disabled, although just temporarily, for the better.

It might be a breath of fresh air for some since the Rampage had such a fast time-to-kill (TTK) with the charge. The removal should allow most fire-fights to last a tad bit longer now. Sentinel fans have to suffer a little since their gun wasn’t as overpowered, but still bugged out nonetheless. We expect Respawn to finish fixing these weapon exploits before the end of Apex Legends Season 11.

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