Rotary Hero Money Stool

Rotary Hero Money Stool 

HBX is an online store selling hypebeast clothing that just included the Japanese brand Rotary Hero money stool to their list of sellers on their website. It was a leap for HBX to add Rotary Heros onto their website since Rotary Heros just make stools out of random everyday objects, but it is art.

The Rotary Heros stools can be inviting to a room and give a calmer and lively look to a room. Some may see these stools as comical and not a real piece of furniture but these stools are unique and are being sold.

The Rotary Hero Money Stool is a stool that appears to imitate a large stack of $100 USD bills. The stools by Rotary Heros are fun and unique stools that would look awesome in a colorful room that matches the vibe of the playful stools. That is what most hypebeast items are, an expression of creativity and most of the time colorful clothing or pieces of art like the stools.

Other than Rotary Hero Money Stool there are more stools. Rotary Heros have stools that are made to look like even crazier items like ice cream, hamburgers, and even a donut stool. Most teenagers would appreciate these stools because of their fun design, but the hamburger one might make you hungry.

The Rotary Heros stools are priced at $108 USD all of the stools mentioned were available for sale on the HBX website only available for Japanese customers but they have since sold out. However, Urban Outfitters sells the stools for $210 USD and they have the ice cream, donut, hamburger, money, and even a corn on the cob stool with a chunk bitten out of it all made by Rotary Hero. Urban Outfitters describe Rotary Hero as: “Japanese gift brand Rotary Hero designs kitschy, inviting goods that are irresistibly fun.”.

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