Razer Zephyr RGB Facemask Now Available

Codenamed Project Hazel, the Razer Zephyr RGB facemask has launched

The wait is finally over as the highly anticipated Razer Zephyr RGB Facemask is now available for purchase. The stealthy yet colorful LED facemask is created by consumer electronics and video game peripheral company, Razer Inc.

In what may look like something that originated from a neon version of Gotham City, the Razer Zephyr RGB is simply a wearable air purifier. With a dual adjustable strap design, the mask consists of two circular perforated intake ventilations angled on the left and right sides of the mask that can run at 4,200 or 6,200 RPM. The center portion of the mask is slightly transparent leaving your smile, or frown, visible to others.

LED strips around those ventilations feature the Razer Chroma RGB lighting with over 15 million customizable lighting options. Users are able to connect their mobile phone via Bluetooth to use these functions. Unlike the Project Hazel, there is no voice amp as Razer wanted to remove the amp to make the final product lighter and more durable.

The Razer Zephyr RGB uses N95 grade filters, which filters about 99 percent of air particles. Razer states that the Zephyr has not been classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the pandemic but it offers similar protection because of it’s 99 perfect Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) rating. The best feature of the mask is that it has high fluid resistance that negates rain or water damage.

Pricing for the Razer Zephyr RGB starts at $99.99 for the unit with three sets of N95 grade filters. This should last users about nine days but for those looking for more filters, there is a $149.99 bundle that contains 33 sets of N95 filters. 10-packs of these filters will be available separately for 29.99.

It may look a bit extra but the Razer Zephyr RGB does provide a good amount of value for a reasonable price. Not many, if any, masks out in the market today are able to set fan speeds or provide a visual clarity to the wearer’s facial features. Down the line, we expect Razer to create a lighter and more stealthy non-RGB version for the Zephyr.

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