Rare Blastoise Pokemon Card is Being Sold for $468,000 USD

Rare Blastoise Pokemon Card is Being Sold 

A Rare Blastoise Pokemon Card is Being Sold for a large amount of $468,000 USD at an auction website called Heritage Auctions. The card has been mint tested and received an overall score of 8.5 of mint conditioning. Most of us will not be able to purchase the card only a lucky someone will, most gamers can not even afford the new PS5 at a retail price of $399-$499.

You might be asking why the rare Blastoise Pokemon card is being sold for $468,000 USD. The card is one of the first Pokemon card made in English by the manufacturer Wizards of the Coast and it was commissioned from Cartamundi in the far off year of 1998.

The card is in pristine mint condition according to CGC who rated it at an NM/Mint+ 8.5 rating. The corners of the card are flat and sharp and a sleek clean surface on the card is free of major imperfections. The background of the Blastoise character has a hologram galaxy star layout that shines in the light.

The card has a very important history since it is one of the first Pokemon cards to be printed in English. The card is one of two making the rarity extremely high and making the card become very valuable.

The Rare Blastoise Pokemon Card was a presentation card that had to be approved by Nintendo to be sold in the United States. Pokemon became the largest media franchise in the history of all franchises earning over $100 Billion more than most of the famous franchises such as Star Wars or Marvel.

The card is a highly historic card that is being sold for an expected large amount of money, $468,000 USD. The card is currently on Heritage Auctions ready to be sold to a willing buyer.

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