Pikmin 4 Launches Today

Pikmin 4 launches 10 years after the series’ third installment

We’re super excited for the Pikmin 4 launch as Nintendo’s favorite real-time strategy game series is back with a fourth installment. Since it’s the series’ most recent numbered entry in more than 10 years, hardcore fans consider its release to be quite a milestone.

Players will be able to create their own character rather than play as Captain Olimar. Although there aren’t many customization options at hand, it’s still a step forward for a character creator in a Nintendo game.The does allow the player to erase unnecessary deaths, or at least the most unpleasant ones.

As seen in the Pikmin 4 launch trailer, Oatchi is a significant and intriguing new addition who serves as the transport for the Pikmins’ soldiers. The two-legged space dog can carry a small army of Pikmin, use a potent rush move to destroy objects, and jump across narrow ledges. Oatchi can also be enhanced, increasing his bite, his capacity for healing, and other traits.

Pikmin 4 Launch trailer
Nintendo of America | YouTube

Beyond brand-new Pikmin varieties and a constantly changing Oatchi, the upcoming game also features a wider selection of tools. Players can create tools and equipment in The Lab using supplies that you and your Pikmin can gather, such as a drone that surveys levels.

It’s important to note that the game is ideal for playing in short bursts because the game’s exploring chronology is timed in days, which measures to about 15 minutes in the “real world”. While still forcing you to recognize your goals, the game allows you sufficient time to complete them.

Releasing today, July 21, if you’re still on the fence to play the latest Pikmin installment, the Nintendo eShop offers a free demo to try out.

Check out the Pikmin 4 launch trailer below!

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