New Fog Free Oakley MSK3 Face Mask

Oakley MSK3 Face Mask

The new fog-free Oakley MSK3 Face Mask has just been introduced by Oakley. The mask is one of the more stylish masks on the market, with great design.

The mask has a sleek black design and the classic Oakley logo on the left outer edge of the mask in white. The mask is made with premium materials, such as a silicone outlining to provide a snug feel on your face. The Oakley MSK3 face mask includes an eyewear channel for the prevention of fogging on glasses.

The mask’s tactical design stands out providing a stylish look in all black. As masks become a part of fashion, matching an outfit with a mask is always a great idea to do.

The mask comes with an interchangeable filter for certain situations with higher pollution.

The mask is not medically capable of filtering COVID-19 particles. The mask can only protect against particles down to the size of 0.3 microns and COVID measures in about .12 microns in diameter. But, as the COVID mandates are not going anywhere, buying a mask that fits right and does not fog up your glasses is a great purchase.

The eyewear channel also allows for a pair of eyeglasses to lay comfortably onto your face. Most people when they wear a mask and glasses find their glasses to become fogged, excitingly Oakley has fixed this problem with the eyewear channel. Adjustable straps allow the mask to provide a close seal to the face and a comfortable fit.

The New Fog Free Oakley MSK3 Face Mask is currently priced at $60 on the Oakley website.

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