MTG Black Lotus Card Sale Breaks Record

The MTG Black Lotus card sale price was over half a million!

Magic The Gathering fans that have been holding onto their dearly beloved Black Lotus from 1993 may have just hit the lotto, as the most recent MTG Black Lotus Card sale price has skyrocketed to $540,000. Known to be Magic The Gathering’s most sought after card, the Black Lotus once again solidifies its title as the game’s most expensive card.

The MTG Black Lotus Card sale was recently held through an auction by PWCC Marketplace, the largest trading card marketplace in the world. The card from Magic’s first Alpha printing in 1993 is renowned for its scarcity as well as its strength.

It’s an excellent way to quickly cast potent spells early in the game because it doesn’t cost any mana to play but instead adds three mana of any color to the player’s pool. It’s one of the “Power Nine,” a set of cards that has been banned from most formats of competitive play for their overwhelming power.

MTG Black Lotus Card sale

“This record sale reinforces the Alpha Black Lotus as an investment-quality asset, fortifies its claim as a true work of art, and shows exactly how important Magic: The Gathering is to the culture of gaming and trading card games,” said vice president of sales at PWCC Marketplace, Jesse Craig. “It’s extremely unlikely we see one of these signed copies available for purchase again in the near future. They are crown jewels for a collection. They will remain under lock and key and treated as the museum-caliber pieces they are.”

The previous highest MTG Black Lotus Card sale price was sold in 2021 at auction on eBay for $511,000. MTG is still a cultural icon even after 30 years, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the Black Lotus hits over a milli in the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

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