KAWS TIME OFF BFF Figures Announced

The KAWS TIME OFF BFF figures launch on February 14

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (or single awareness day *insert sad face*), the new KAWS TIME OFF BFF figures are scheduled to release on February 14 at noon ET on the KAWSONE.com website. The Brooklyn artist has created three colorways for his iconic silhouette while taking inspiration from both the ACCOMPLICE and COMPANION figures.

The KAWS TIME OFF BFF figures are designed with the body of the ACCOMPLICE and the hands and feet of the COMPANION, and rests on its side as it lays down relaxed on its right hip with legs crossed. By the looks of it, the “TIME OFF” theme is obviously there with the figure’s laid back position. Being that it’s released on this special occasion, we think there’s a more lovely theme lying underneath.

The figures will come in blue, pink, and black colorways. Those looking to add some hype into their life can visit the KAWSONE site now to prepare for the launch. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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