It Takes Two Sales Surpass 10 Million

Doubling its total from last year, It Takes Two sales have dramatically increased

It’s pretty spectacular that It Takes Two sales reached up to 5 million as of around time last year in 2022, but now that number has drastically leveled up to a whopping 10 million copies. Hazelight Studios, the developer behind the co-op action-adventure platformer tweeted out their excitement early this morning to break the news.

“Our minds are officially blown,” wrote Hazelight Studios, “Potentially twice as many players have enjoyed our game – we never dared to dream of so many fans! Thank you for all the love.”

Although this major milestone of It Takes Two sales can’t compare to the hundred million sales from AAA titles such as Grand Theft Auto V (175 million), Electronic Arts only gave Hazelight a $3.7 million budget to work with. Compare that with the $265 million initial budget Rockstar Games used for GTA V — it’s quite impressive. That equates to using just over one percent of Rockstar’s GTA V budget and resulting with five percent of their sales. Talk about efficiency.

Back in March 2021 during the game’s launch, It Takes Two game director Josef Fares guaranteed $1,000 to whoever felt bored while playing his game. As of now, there’s no record of him losing that bet, and the It Takes Two sales of 10 million copies is obvious proof.

If you haven’t played the game already, we would highly recommend it. It’s a family friendly cooperative adventure game that tells the story of an unhappy divorcing couple who undergo a magic spell turning them into dolls. The couple take on a whimsical journey and battle their way through puzzles and enemies, indirectly in search of their love as both partners and parents.

Yes, it’s the perfect date game. If you’ve got nothing planned for Valentine’s Day next month, It Takes Two has got you covered.

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