How To Watch The Game Awards 2022

Let’s get you ready to stream The Game Awards 2022

It’s time for the biggest gaming award show of the year as Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2022 ceremony will kick off later today at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The live show starts at 4:30 PM PT and is streamable across Twitch, Youtube, Steam, and Twitter.

Each platform will have its own bundle of benefits when streamed upon, with YouTube enabling 4K resolution and Twitch enabling exclusive rewards. Most notably is the Steam gaming platform, which allows viewers to register to enter for a chance to win a Steam Deck. Last but not least, you can stream the show on Twitter, but who in their right minds will opt-in for that?

Being that streaming The Game Awards 2022 through is the most beneficial, we expect most users to go with that option. Valve has pledged to hand out a Steam Deck unit for every minute of the show. Since the show will last for a handful of hours, that’s a great opportunity to land a Steam Deck if you haven’t already.

As for Twitch, viewers are required to watch 60 minutes of the show between 4:30 PM PT and 7:30 PM PT. There’s a catch though, viewers can only receive rewards by watching the ceremony through one of the eligible Twitch channels listed on their site. Aren’t you glad we provided a link for your reference? Rewards will then be sent to the user’s Twitch inbox, which must be redeemed by 12 PM PT on December 10.

There’s also one last option, and if you’re the biggest HypeSpanic fan, you can stream the show here below. How nice of us.

What should we expect from host Geoff Keighley and The Game Awards 2022? Word on the street is that gameplay for Jedi: Survivor will be revealed along with Hideo Kojima’s next project. Obviously not much from Nintendo will be showcased, as they host their own event.

Who do you think will win Game of the Year? We believe Elden Ring should be honored for their efforts, but that’s just our two cents.

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