Google Doodle’s Doodle Champion Island Games Out Today

Let The Doodle Champion Island Games Begin!

Today’s Google Doodle definitely came out from left field for those who were not aware or expecting a full-fledged playable game that represents the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The game’s title is Doodle Champion Island Games, a classic top-down 16-bit stylized adventure game that combines sports mini-games with a global leaderboard and a generous amount of side quests.

The game is created by Japanese company Studio 4°C, an animation studio led by former Studio Ghibli line producer Eiko Tanaka and known for their work on the Thundercats TV series reboot and more recently the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. In Doodle Champion Island Games you control a cat named Lucky who explores numerous parts of a big island to compete in sports events.

Archery, climbing, rugby, running, skateboarding, swimming, and table tennis are the seven mini-games made available to play in Doodle Champion Island Games. Similar to the actual Olympic Games, there is a global leaderboard that is updated in real-time. Controls are simple and only requires the arrow keys and space bar on your keyboard. The game also has touch-screen controls enabled, making it playable on mobile.

Doodle Champion Island Games is not Google Doogle’s first interactive game release. Others released have included games for drawing, baseball, coding, and even the Rubik’s Cube. The most notable was in 2010 when Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with the browser version of the arcade classic.

Google will save your progress in case you leave or close out of the Google Doodle, so don’t worry as it does take a few hours to fully complete Doodle Champion Island Games. Even if you don’t have the time to finish the whole thing, the quality cinematics and retro art-style themselves make the game worth checking out.

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