Los Angeles Girl On A Swing Banksy Mural Auctioned For $16 Million

The Girl On A Swing Banksy mural is on a historical landmark

In 2010, the Girl On A Swing Banksy mural was a gift left by the British street artist who visited Los Angeles for the premiere of his Exit Through the Gift Shop documentary. Now 22 years later, the Banksy mural auctioned for $16 million per an estimation done by the owners of the building it’s painted on.

After acquiring the land in 2007 for $4 million, owners Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos intend to sell the seven story building. The two consented to put the facility up for auction as part of their bankruptcy filing in April of this year. National real estate company Hilco, which is handling the sale, is taking offers through October 20, 2022.

The Girl On A Swing Banksy mural has drawn interest from both the art world and tourists throughout the world. Nevertheless, the 26,000 square foot  building is deserving of praise in and of itself, as it was constructed in 1914 and done in the style of the art deco movement synonymous with the 1920s.

Originally, the historic seven-story structure was home to a costume shop that supplied silent film studios, and was featured in Safety Last! from 1923. An additional $2.5 million was invested in improvements and renovations in 2007 by Tarantino and Campos, who also overhauled the building’s plumbing and electrical systems.

They’ll come up big with the Girl On A Swing Banksy mural auctioned off, although it’s tough to appraise the art piece itself. Holly Dunlap, a former head of Sotheby’s Private Client Group, said, “We would never touch that because it’s not how the artist intended it to be sold. Whenever buildings have a Banksy on them, that Banksy is much more valuable on the building than it is as a piece of brick.”

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