First Blue Beetle Poster Revealed At CCXP 2022

James Gunn shares the first Blue Beetle poster

The very first Blue Beetle poster was showcased during a surprise DC Panel at this year’s CCXP 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil. DC Films CEO James Gunn shared the reveal which gives us a glance at the alien scarab which powers the story’s Latinx superhero, Jamie Reyes.

Gunn tweeted out the first Blue Beetle poster and wrote, “Only in theaters 2023. #BlueBeetle.”

Starring Xolo Mariduea (Cobra Kai) as Jaime Reyes, the upcoming film follows the El Paso kid as he bonds with an alien beetle to be gifted a super-powered exoskeleton. In addition to having a cast and crew made up entirely of Latin American performers, the film will be released in Spanish with English subtitles.

Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise) will star as the main villain, Victoria Kord. Belissa Escodobo (Hocus Pocus 2) will play as Jamie’s sister, Miagros Reyes, George Lopez as Jamie’s Uncle Rudy, and Brazilian star Bruna Marquezine as Jamie’s love interest, Penny.

Blue Beetle poster
DC Studios

CCXP 2022 celebrated a return to in-person events after solely going virtual for the previous two years. CCXP is one of the largest pop culture events in the world, with attendance numbers that have increased dramatically since its start in 2014.

Originally, the film was planned for streaming on HBO Max along with the canceled Batgirl film. However in 2021, Warner Bros. decided to launch it for a 2023 theatrical release.

Blue Beetle will be the first Latinx superhero movie from a major studio. Written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and directed by Angel Manuel Soto, the film is scheduled to premiere in theaters on August 18, 2023.

Check out the first Blue Beetle poster below for a more detailed look!

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