PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy XVI Is Out Today

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest entry in the blockbuster JRPG franchise

Are you ready for Final Fantasy XVI? It’s been almost seven years since the fifteenth installment of the critically acclaimed video game series, and we finally get to play it today.

Looking at the most recent trailer, it hints at the dark story taking place in a world resembling a Square Enix variant of Westeros. The somber tale of personal struggle set in a harsh world is definitely the focus of Final Fantasy XVI. If you were a fan of George R.R. Martin, this might be the Final Fantasy Game of Thrones video game you were looking for.

The “Mothercrystals,” which were portrayed in numerous previews as the focal center of conflict between opposing armies and in the most recent teaser, may really be more of a challenge than an advantage for the inhabitants of the upcoming PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy. It is obvious that the main battle between opposing forces, which takes up a significant portion of the beginning, will expose a more legendary and possibly gloomy reality.

Final Fantasy XVI
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The latest installment has saddled game producer Naoki Yoshida with leading the charge for the franchise. Players assume the role of Clive, the game’s protagonist, thus the absence of party members isn’t the only thing that sets this game apart.

Labeled as the Final Fantasy Game of Thrones, we can’t wait to get our hands on the game’s summons, known as Eikons. Using Eikons will feature gameplay segments that focus around gigantic, fantastic battles running on a new graphics engine developed by Creative Business Unit III.

The wait is over, Final Fantasy XVI is out today, June 22.

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