Epic Kobe Bryant Mural at American Credit Headquarters

2020 was a year for the records or how most might say, a year to be erased from the history books and we couldn’t agree more. Despite all of the trials and tribulations that 2020 brought, most Angelinos would say that it was probably the toughest year yet because they lost a true soldier. On January 26th 2020, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, along with six others perished when their helicopter hit a mountain due to fog, on their way to a kids basketball game.

What happened afterwards was a flurry of tears and condolences that sent a shockwave worldwide. The Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles became a bed of flowers, candles and Kobe memorabilia. People from all over Los Angeles and neighboring cities, came out to show love and support, not only to Kobe and Gigi, but to his surviving family members and the rest of the fallen angels that were on that helicopter.

In the weeks and months following, a number of Kobe Bryan murals sprung up around Los Angeles. Enter Adrian Casas, arguably one of the biggest Laker fans we’ve ever met, not to mention, a super Kobe Bryant fan. Adrian serves as Senior Vice President at American Credit, a top tier credit repair consultation firm near UCLA. He and his team decided to show their love for Los Angeles, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant by using their building headquarters as a canvas for arguably the biggest, baddest & coolest Kobe Bryant Mural in the world.

Epic Kobe Bryant Mural at American Credit

Adrian, very much like his work persona, was careful and diligent when sourcing the mural artist and wanted someone that was not only a Lakers and Kobe fan but one that can draw massive sized portraits on the side of buildings. That artist was none other than Samir Evol, a local Angelino who dedicates most of his time painting portraits around Los Angeles.

If you’re ever in the UCLA vicinity and are a big Kobe fan, check out Samir’s Kobe Bryant Mural masterpiece at the American Credit Headquarters located at 12237 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90025. And if you need some credit advice or help, Adrian Casas is your go to guy.

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