Step Into The World Of Sanctuary As Diablo IV Launches Today

Are you prepared for the Diablo IV launch?

Diablo IV launches today, June 6, for everyone who purchased the standard edition of the game on Diablo veterans most likely have already been enjoying the game since its early access, but patient gamers will now have the opportunity to explore the game’s five regions and fight Lilith, Mephisto’s daughter who has been summoned into the mortal realm, Sanctuary.

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Diablo IV launch comes 11 years after the release date of Diablo III, dating back to May 15, 2012. Surely, a whole lot has happened in Sanctuary, as millions have been killed by the deeds of both the High Heavens and Burning Hells. Diablo IV takes place fifty years after the events of Diablo III’s expansion, Reaper of Souls.

Players will embark on a journey to track down the manipulative yet seductive Lilith, The Daughter of Hatred. First seen in the series’ sequel, Diablo II, Lilith has been summoned back in D4 with a goal to build a new violent army of followers. With the options of Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer, players will select a hero class to control in Blizzard Entertainment’s newest ARPG experience.

Diablo IV Launch
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We expect the Diablo IV launch to be pretty smooth, as multiple betas have run throughout the year for server stress tests. The only problem that may arise is which class to select. The Barb looks strong and tanky, while the Rogue holds a strange allure and swiftness that’s hard not to grasp. It shouldn’t take Diablo vets long to get accustomed to D4, as the game looks more streamlined than ever, although we are indifferent to how that plays out.

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