Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Launches, Season of the Risen and Void 3.0 Go Live

Destiny 2’s latest expansion The Witch Queen launched this morning, marking the franchise’s 5th year

Available across all platforms, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launched today. Bungie’s first entry of the Destiny 2 “Light & Darkness” saga, the final trilogy of the Destiny franchise, welcomes both veteran Guardians and newcomers to fight alongside humanity to protect the solar system from the evil army of Light-infused Hive. Season of the Risen, Void 3.0, and weapon crafting are some of the biggest highlights coming into the new expansion.

In a haul of updates, major changes have surfaced with The Witch Queen launch. Bungie has implemented pieces from some of their most memorable exotic quests and dungeons into the new story campaign. With two difficulty levels, seasoned Destiny players can choose the “Classic” or “Legendary” modes for the campaign. Players will encounter different challenges in the corrupted Savathun’s Throne World, the new destination featured in Season 16: Season of the Risen.

Season of the Risen is the first of four seasons coming to The Witch Queen expansion and features the PsiOps Battlegrounds, new Seasonal Artifact, new Exotic Quest for the Dead Messenger grenade launcher, and the long awaited weapon crafting function. Using Deepsight materials, players in the Destiny universe can finally build their weapons with customized perks, shaders, and stats. The Glaive special weapon type, a shield-wiedling first-person melee polearm, has also debuted.

Void 3.0 is here and is a welcoming free update for all players of Destiny 2. The Void subclass across all Warlock, Hunter, and Titan classes has been updated with new Aspects and Fragments previously only available to the Stasis subclass from the Beyond Light expansion. New and recurring verbiage have set the foundation of the updated Void elemental types, including Overshield, Invisibility, Devour, Volatile, Weaken, and Suppressed.

New activities have arrived in The Witch Queen launch and Season of the Risen. “Wellspring” is a six-player matchmade activity located in Savathun’s Throne World. The new raid “Vow of the Disciple” will have Guardians lobby up their fireteam to dive into the Throne World’s sunken Pyramid. There’s also a mysterious Light-wielding enemy never seen before—The Lucent Brood. These new breeds of Hive enemies are able to resurrect themselves and wield powerful Light abilities, similar to those of the Guardian.

After Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, Bungie has stated they will keep creative control over their video game franchises and will continue creating multi-platform games. The next Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall will arrive in 2023, following with The Final Shape in 2024.

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