Counter-Strike 2 Finally Confirmed

Running on Source Engine 2, Counter-Strike 2 debuts this summer

The random announcement of Counter-Strike 2 this week surely has drawn some attention from gamers around the world, becoming the most surprising game to date from Valve since Half-Life: Alyx. No, this is not Half-Life 3, but it’s the next best thing to come out of the labs of Valve Corporation.

With three separate trailers showcasing the game’s mechanics, Counter-Strike 2 looks to be a great forthcoming sequel in the CS series. Valve has introduced responsive smokes, zero tick rate (we’re looking at you Respawn), and overhauled maps, all running within the new Source Engine 2.

According to the CS2 website, Source Engine 2 is “the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history, ensuring new features and updates for years to come.” All of CS2’s maps “have been fully rebuilt from the ground up, leveraging all of the new Source 2 tools and rendering features.” On top of that, regardless of tick rate, your moving and shooting will be equally responsive and your grenades will always land the same way.”

Source Engine 2
Valve | YouTube

The first version Counter-Strike debuted decades ago in 2000, which was based on a mod for Valve’s Half-Life. Then, in 2004 and 2012, Valve released Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), respectively. Counter-Strike 2 will be a free upgrade to CS:GO.

A CS2 limited test has already begun as of this writing, so those lucky enough to get the green light from Valve to try out the new game can do so now. That said, the CS2 limited test will only include the Dust 2 map.

If you haven’t already checked it out, we highly recommend watching the trailer showcasing the responsive smokes. It’s bound to be a game changer.

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