Collab: Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks

Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks

The Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks were shown off on Travis Scott’s social media and received much hype afterward. The sneaker has not had an official release date and it is not even known if they will release for retail at all. The only way recently people have been able to obtain the Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks were on his website for a giveaway, only five pairs were given away.

These Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks are carrying a massive Travis Scott hype train into 2021. So far only two pairs have been sold on StockX, one size 10.5 for $9,001 and another size 8 for $5,001. Not only were the Travis Scott Playstation Nike Dunks teased but so were some Catus Jack x Playstation clothing, which consisted of t-shirts and jackets.

The sneaker’s main features are the backward Nike swoosh, classic Playstation logo, baby blue canvas, and baby blue outsole. Under the Playstation logo is “Playstation” written in Japanese. The Nike swoosh, laces, and, interior of the shoe are all a dark brown leather color. The mid-sole and the upper are cream-colored and the heel cap has “Sony” written on it.

The Travis Scott shoes have many little cool things written on them. One being, the bottom of the outsole has the words “Playstation” in English on the left shoe and “Playstation” on the left shoe in Japanese.

Travis Scott and his team made a promotion video for the new Sony PlayStation 5. So it seems that Travis and Sony are doing big things together collaborating and creating new merch for the fans. In the video Travis gave two of his fans brand new PS5’s and they got to meet his. These fans were supporters of Travis and they feel that he is their role model.

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